This site grew out of a desire to collect and consolidate some of my Freelance 3D Computer Graphics portfolio materials into a single place where friends, family & potential clients could easily see what I've been up to over the last 10 years in the graphics industry...

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And you can't beat a 9 x 12 Intuos Tablet for 3D Sculpting & Texture Painting.

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This site is progressively updated due to the nature of Freelance CG.  If you experience any issues displaying content, or have any questions about my work, please let me know.

 Thanks very much for your interest in my work.  Stop back as updates become available...

Capital 1 Animated Beard Growth GagJust finished a quick 3-Day fire-fighting session at "The Mill" Commercial Division in Culver City, for a "Capital One" spot featuring Alec Baldwin & some zany barbarians.

Shave & Haircut was used to quickly create grooms for two different men.  The hair systems were also broken out, so they could be animated to comedic effect.

In just three days, the styles were created, shaded, lit, and animated; with render hairs cached out for The Mill's render farm.  Here's the final result: "Family Reunion"

Thanks to all at The Mill for allowing me to assist them.

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