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Sometimes, I get to help other folks with their projects, or do other cool things.  I'll try to post updates for these things, as I get time...


This was a fun project done after hours at Digital Domain, over a few late evenings.  This was my first introduction to helping on the live action side of things....  I mostly helped with holding lights & moving things around to set up for the shots.  As the 'script' evolved, I got to play a bit roll as a  Production Assistant and also helped train Mr. Thron to ride, and wrangle my Segway for the evil client section.  Coffee anyone?

"A Short Film About Working in the Visual Effects Industry"

There was a rumor that the "Coors Train" was being retired by their Ad Agency.  So, after completing our work early (We had just completed a 3rd Optimization pass on the Coors Train Geometry, and it rendered amazingly fast), my teammates and I tried to come up with "alternatives" Coors could use for future Ad Campaigns.  The idea of have a Jet Delivering Refreshing Beer struck us-- and this was the resulting spoof.  Then we found out THEY ALREADY HAD A COUPLE!  Oh well.

This gag spot is all about Weapons of Mass Refreshment! Witness the glorious beer delivery system (BDS) that looks a lot like something else, at first glance...   Oh, and I got to build the "KegBomb" and animate it:

Many thanks to Charles, John, Chris & Terry for their assistance in putting this together while we were bored to death at work
(which is rare). Cheers!
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