Summer 2009 DEMO REEL:                                                              QuickTime Player Required

The 520 x 280 resolution video is 2 minutes in length and is 57 MB in size.  The video file can now be locally stored for later review,
as saving has been enabled in the QuickTime player.  The PRO version of QT is not required for this feature to work.

Mac & Linux users should READ THIS, if  they experience any playback issues.
As a workaround, here is the Direct Download.
And if that fails...

Please check out the YouTube Version of my Demo Reel

This reel demonstrates a wide variety of 3D skills, with shot breakdowns included per scene.  Content ranges from
High End Films & Commercials, to more humble personal projects done in my spare time.

If your company is interested in seeing a full NTSC resolution DVD version of my portfolio, please let me know.
Thank you for your interest in my work.

Constructive FEEDBACK is always encouraged and appreciated.

Over 10 Years Experience Creating Models, Animation & Texturing for Episodic TV, Commercials, Print, & Film.