E3 LOTR Trailer 2010:                                                                    QuickTime Player Required

My tasks for the LOTR E3 Trailer, were to create 3 different hairstyles using "Shave and a Haircut" for Maya, then Texture, Light and setup nForce Dynamics Simulations for the hair in each scene.  I modeled special hidden geometry to help reduce facial undercuts for the collisions and offset the guides from the surface.  We used p_HairTK, written by Pavel 'Puppet' Ledin, along with RSMB vector passes for the hair primitives in MentalRay, for output.  These elements were later composited on top of Lightwave Renders, inside After Effects.

E3 LOTR Trailer 2010

This short video demos some of my Hair Styles, Dynamics, and Color & Lighting for the project.
My thanks to all the awesome folks at Dilated Pixels for letting me help on such a fun project!