QuickTime Media Issues:                                                                 QuickTime Player Required

Known Issues:  64 Bit OSX Mac Users, FireFox & Embedded Quicktimes

The default installation of FireFox for Mac OSX (Snow Leopard and after), runs in 64 bit mode.
This causes embedded Quicktime media in HTML pages, to fail.  To view the media in the context
it was intended, please change the default startup mode of FireFox, to run in 32 bit mode.

How to Change Startup Modes for Mac Firefox:

1.  Quit firefox

2.  Go to the Applications Folder and find Firefox.app

3.  Right click (Ctrl-Click, or Double-Finger Tap) on the Firefox icon and select "Get Info"

4.  Toggle the "Open in 32-bit mode" checkbox on, and close the Info Window

5.  Restart Firefox

Hopefully this resolves OSX / Firefox playing embedded QuickTime Media properly.  If not,
choose the Direct Download Link in the page, to download and play the media on your desktop.
Or, if there is a link to a YouTube version on that page, select it to complately bypass the problem.

System Configurations Tested:

Apple's Safari Browser works fine with Quicktime & HTML under OSX.  I authored the site
in Windows, and tested under IE and Firefox; so that should also work fine.  Check your system
configuration if you're having problems with QuickTime under these environments.

Linux Users:

Unfortunately, Apple does not officially support Quicktime for Linux. Playback can only be
achieved by 3rd party "work-a-like" applications, thus, playback is not guaranteed (especially
newer codecs created after QT version 7).  Adding proper MIME types to the embed tag can help,
but will not solve every issue.

Please use a system configuration that can properly display this site's

And let me know if this information helped resolve the specific playback issue for your platform.

Thanks. :)
Firefox "Get Info" Panel

Activate "Open in 32 Bit Mode"
as shown above.