Dangerous Hunts Launch Trailer 2011:                                           QuickTime Player Required

I created a base Grizzly Bear mesh with UVs that were refined by Efram Potelle in ZBrush, to better match the client's artwork.  Most of my texture maps were projection painted from reference photos via Modo, directly onto the geometry.  Final nodal texturing & rigging was done by Brian Skvarta.  Sasquatch Fur mode was used for both the Hunter and the Bear.  Networks of reference combing nulls with maps painted in Modo, were used to style the hair systems.

Brian and I worked together to update & test the fun "Retinal Reflections" used inside the bear's eyes, which really help make this character appear so frightening in the moonlight.  It was fun to animate while I adjusted the lighting rig in each shot for the character's hair / fur.


Dangerous Hunts Launch Trailer 2011: Primary Character Render Examples:

Frightened Hunter

Oblivious Bear

Angry Bear

Killer Bear
The images are intended to exhibit the level
of detail & changes from environmental

lighting, which are in keeping with the
imposed by the artwork
for the final shot in the commercial.

The QuickTime Video below,
shows the model and a
higher quality example than the
client's current online version.


Client Artwork

This short video demos some of my work on the evil Grizzly Bear, and Color & Lighting for the project.
My thanks to all the awesome folks at Dilated Pixels for letting me help on such a fun project!

Mac & Linux users should READ THIS, if  they experience any playback issues.
As a workaround, here is the Direct Download.

Click on the link below, for the completed Online Commercial for Activision.
Unfortunately, their file has been horribly compressed when it was uploaded,
so most of the awesome detail is missing.  :(

YouTube Version of the Dangerous Hunts  2011 Launch Commercial