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Here are some examples from the assets I've created for a few of The Asylum's low budget films...

Bigfoot X-Ray Viewer
XRay Viewer
SyFy "Bigfoot" Movie, 2012:

A ZBrush / modo / Lightwave Modeling & Facial Rigging project done for Joe Lawson at The Asylum in Burbank.
The render (to the left) was created in modo, using all the maps and geometry assets provided to the studio.  It uses the new modo 601 Skin and Hair materials.  Geometry, morph, map, and rig assets (including light reactive retinas in the eyes) were exported to Lightwave for final production.

Everything starts with a concept sketch.  My challenge was to make something that had only been approved "roaring", look like a convincing creature with its mouth closed.  You can't fully emote or act if your mouth is always open; you need a neutral pose.  So, I exported the approved ZBrush Sketch that was quickly done by another artist on a ZSphere, then retopologized it using modo's advanced modeling tools.  The Sub-D mesh was initially created with the same open mouth expression to expedite the approval process, then later closed for rigging / animation.  All Color, Cavity, AO and Deformation maps were created in ZBrush.  Mesh UVs were created with ZBrush's UV Master.

In subsequent discussions with Joe Lawson, who constantly pushed for "a creature that looks real", anatomical improvements were made to add naturalism and believability to the model--while retaining many prominent features from the studio's original design.  Since the 3D Ball Sketch was incomplete, many areas of the head were re-imagined so it could better mate with a body. These structural changes involved refining the undersides of the jaw, back of the head and neck.  Ears were moved further rearward into more typical positions and the entire head was narrowed for improved facial aesthetics. I used a lot of primate reference to keep all of these changes believable.  The images below, show the evolution of the model during this process.

Morphs with Right & Left sides were also created to provide the beast with a wide range of asymmetrical expressive capabilities.  This was all accomplished in a short timeframe--typical of most low budget productions.  Fur color later changed when the folks making a suit (this head was to be tracked on), produced a lion-colored practical.

  Concept Art
Concept Sketch
ZBrush Sketch
ZBrush Concept Sketch
Final Head
Final Geometry & Detail
Practical Suit
Practical Suit

Bigfoot X-Ray Viewer
Robo Hitler's
Digital Head
"Nasis at the Center of the Earth", 2012:

Hitler's Digital Head Replacement was fun!  I had about a day to crank this sucker out...

Using modo, I used a few reference images of the actor, then modified a pre-build head with UVs on it, to save time.  I didn't have full 360 degree coverage with the usual top, bottom, side, etc., so I ended up either mirroring or hand painting missing details from my limited source material.  Low budget movies, go figure!

Some of these images were combined to create the final color and bump map of the face.  Deformations for hair and other skin details / imperfections (like the bullet hole in the side of the temple), were sculpted in modo 601.  Not sure they even used the deformations for the geometry I provided for them in the final renders.  Oh well.  *shrugs*

All assets were converted to Lightwave compatible geometry and shaders; including a number of facial endomorphs for allowing the head to be positioned, eyes to blink & squint, brows to raise or lower, and the mouth to perform a number of smirks or grimaces.  Not bad for a day's work!

Real Actor CU  
Real Actor Close Up
Modo RayGL
modo geometry in RayGL
Hitler Head Double
Robo Hitler's Head
Robo Hitler DeathRay
Robo Hitler Death Ray!

American Battleship
"American Battleship", 2012

Alien Space-Battleship Model...

More indepth discussion of this project is forthcoming...

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