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A CG Fox Squirrel for "A Dirty Shame",  Directed by John Waters:

While being slightly evasive about exactly what the project was, S4 Studios asked if I would be interested in
texturing a CG squirrel pelt for "...a prominent film director".  And of course I said, "Okay."

Little did I know...  Near the end of the fur texturing process, the truth of what I was actually working on was
finally spilled-- it was a John Waters film.  When I found out who I was doing work for, I grew concerned.
After all, I had seen a number of this director's early films while in college; and that scared me.  Who knew
 what unspeakable things they were going to have my innocent CG texturing involved with?

Basically, the premise of "A Dirty Shame", is that in this fictional (and perverse) universe, strange sexual
urges overtake people (or squirrels) when they're bonked on the head.  No, really.  So, apparently at some
point in the film, one of the squirrels gets whacked on the head by an oncoming car.  The guilt ridden driver
gives mouth-to-mouth to the unconscious squirrel.  The poor critter revives then winks at the human, before
running off in search of other squirrels to conk on the head...

                       Here's a clip of what the squirrel looks like in the film:

My involvement with the project was limited to making UV's for texturing the geometry and creating all the
maps and settings for the animal's fur.  The result is a fairly accurate reproduction of a Fox Squirrel's pelt.
 Please take a look at some of the images to the right for more detailed examples...

If you need something like this for your project, just drop me an e-mail.

Sittin' in a tree...

He recovers...

A cute couple...

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